The Northern Flowerhouse Charter

This movement is to spread wildflowers across the North.
By signing you are opening the door of the Flowerhouse to people and nature.

We will:

  • Create curiosity
  • Deal out and deal in beauty
  • Encourage social gatherings locally and nationally
  • Roll out the best of science and art in unlikely & likely places
  • Be an engine for change, turning heads and hearts
  • Cherish your choice of place, dream its future
  • Treat Land as a painter would a canvas
  • Paint with bold brush strokes
  • Seek environmental, social justice and peace at all times
  • Transform dull spaces with with a green which should be many colours
  • Invite outsiders in
  • Breathe life into edgelands
  • Dance while joining this ecological revolution
  • Reward hard work and share skills and tools
  • Bet on the tortoise beating the hare!
  • Celebrate diversity as life in all its richness
  • Treasure playful ways of working
  • Share food and music at every gathering
  • Observe the butterflies, insects, birds and incremental changes
  • Sing about what we have seen
  • Imagine and re-imagine amazing eventualities
  • Cherish the health and wellbeing of future generations
  • Have faith in the weather
  • Hold our nerve
  • Learn from our mistakes and be prepared to be educated by accident
  • Be promiscuous in our sowing behaviour
  • Chat with curious people
  • Be bold with our passion and commitment to reversing biodiversity loss
  • Build and value collaborations and networks
  • Be fools – laying the foundations for the Northern Flowerhouse on 1st April

The Charter was generously produced by the fabulous Singh Twins.

Sowing artwork generously produced by Jamie Reid for Hull sowing.