LIVERPOOL CITY COUNCIL is the land-owner of the public spaces where Scouse Flowerhouse is taking root, and the funder via Section 106 and Greenbank & Mossley Hill Ward Councillors’ budgets.
NWC has delivered the wildflower landscapes, and produced and sourced wildflower seed.
Contact: Richard Scott, Director 
NATIONAL MUSEUMS LIVERPOOL is the Liverpool host to the National Wildflower Centre, working in partnership to promote biodiversity across Merseyside
POLLYPORT CIC has co-ordinated the promotion and public engagement 
Scouse Flowerhouse is Part of the Northern Forest
Scouse Flowerhouse is committed to working with community partners of every ilk.  
Please get in touch if you would like to partner on a future site.
These are our active community partners in 2020.
Scouse Flowerhouse is committed to working with schools, colleges and universities to come up with creative learning resources and to treat Liverpool’s wildflower meadows as open laboratories.
Please get in touch if you would like to exchange further on this for 2021 and beyond. 
Liverpool is rich with original thinkers and creative spirits.  
This inexhaustive list includes some of those we have worked with and those who have inspired us from Liverpool
and from beyond. Please send us a link if you’d like to work with us or we’ve missed you (sorry!)  
AllSaints Eco-Emeralds
Tayo Aluko
Peter Carney
Dead Pigeon Gallery / North End Sketch Club
Diana Barnes and Greening Wingrove
Tommy Calderbank
Fergus Garrett and Great Dixter
Granby4Streets Community Land Trust
Hobo Kiosk
Homebaked Coop
Homebaked CLT
Homegrown Collective
In Harmony
Kazimier Productions
Mikey Kenney
Zi Lan Liao
Yellow House
Kevin Zen
Monday Club at the Cavern Pub
Shoa Osborne

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Liverpool Arts Club
Robert MacFarlane
Ashleigh Nugent
Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra
Peloton Co-op
Gerry Potter
Ian Prowse
Jayne Seddon
Stealing Sheep
The Singh Twins
Jubilee Stompers
Jamie Reid
The Wildflower Trio
Newton Harrison
Massive Attack
Urban Canvas