Why would you join the Northern Flowerhouse

  1. Join a network or groups sowing and celebrating wildflowers and nature
  2. Learn knowledge of biodiversity practice with the wildflowers
  3. Make people smile by the connection to the wildflowers and ecology
  4. Follow and enjoy the Northern Flowerhouse Charter
  5. Enjoy time and exchange and share ideas with like-minded people
  6. Enjoy artworks and music that are related to nature and wildflowers
  7. Be part of developing new exchange which celebrates a northern Flowerhouse
  8. Joining forces and energies to generate funds and resources to make wildflower work in your area or close to your home.
  9. Take part in creative conservation and contribute your strength to the environment
  10. Make your neighborhood a more colorful place to live in
  11. To make it more likely to see flowers, birds, butterflies, bees and appreciate the buzz of life, to make nature more accessible to people.
  12. To make new links between land art and culture to prove land is the best art.

The Northern Flowerhouse Register

By far, we have had 20 pictures gathered and over 80 people signed on the Northern Flowerhouse Register. People sign up and agree to be part of the Northern Flowerhouse, giving support and forming solidarity. The Register collects various projects done by different individuals and organizations, as well as blessings from supporters and volunteers. We wish you to come to join us, sign up and tell your stories of your project or experience with wildflowers. Be part of the story, be part of the movement, be part of the revolution!


Richard Scott – National Wildflower Centre

Dr. Phil Putwain – Ness Botanic Gardens – Liverpool University

Dave Barlow – Quinney Cressant Mossiside – Manchester City Council

Dr. Steve Judd – World Museum

Tony Hothernstall – City of Trees – Community Forest Project

Steve Rotherham (City Region Mayor) – Everton Park (England Wildflower Flagship) – Friends of Everton Park

Liverpool Manchester Exchange (in ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ Project) – Roth Royce Primary School Hulme, Manchester & Millstead Primary School, Everton

David Rudlin & Helene Rudlin – Whalley Ranges – URBED (Urban Environment and Design)

Pete Leeson – Home Farm, Huby, Yorkshire – Woodland Trust

Dr. Hilary Ash – New Ferry Butterfly Park – Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Alwyn – Landowner

Jane Sebire – Stockport, Machester

Granby Street/Ducie Street – Community Land Trust, Granby Street, Toxteth, Liverpool

Croxteth Hall Walled Garden, Liverpool

Kids from Chinese Youth Orchestra – Poppy field sowed by themselves, China Town, Liverpool – Pagoda arts

Jamie Reid – artist

“The Singl Twins” Rabindra + Amriv – artist

Jayne Lawless – artist

Mark Loudes – Photographer

Paddy Byrne – Pen Factory Res & Allotment Gardener

Donna Young – World Museum

Jean Luc Concoult – Artist & Founder of Royal Deluxe, Nantes, France