Anfield Cemetery

Annuals 2021

Wild carrot

(Daucus carota)
Flower time: tbc

Corn chamomile

(Anthemis austriaca)
Flower time: July - August
Attracts Hover flies


(Agrostemma githago)
Flower time: July
Attracts Night flying moths


(Centaurea cyanus)
Flower time: July - late sept oct
Attracts All Bees- bumble

Corn Marigold

(Glebionis segetum)
Flower time: July - late sept oct
Attracts Hover flies

Corn poppy

(Papaver rhoeas)
Flower time: Mid June- July
Great for Bumble Bees
Perennials 2022

Field scabious

(Knautia arvensis)
Flower time: tbc
Exceptionally good for range of Bees and Butterflies / scabious miner bee – recorded in N.England for 1st time on NWC site in Huyton / look for red admirals/skippers/peacocks painted ladies/ commas – especially

Meadow Buttercups

(Ranunculus acris)
Flower time: May/June
Attracts Butterflies

Cow parsley

(Anthriscus sylvestris)
Flower time: May
Attracts Spiders

Ox-eye daisy

(Leucanthemum vulgare)
Flower time: Mid May/end June
Attracts Hover flies

Red Campion

(Silene dioica)
Flower time: Mid May early June
Attracts Spiders