Enjoy nature on your doorstep?

We are all enjoying our green spaces more than ever, but we don’t all have a garden!

That’s why we are creating wildflower meadows on your doorstep so that you can enjoy a bit of nature close to home

97% of UK wildflower meadows have been lost since 1947, yet wildflowers are increasingly appreciated for their benefits like adding biodiversity & capturing carbon to improve air quality.

Did you know that solitary bees need to stop and rest every so often?

And in our built-up neighbourhoods they can’t always find somewhere for a breather!

Improving our engagement with nature brings us lots of benefits, enjoying beautiful spaces and places has a positive effect on our well-being and it’s encouraging to know that we are helping out a little with the challenges we face as a result of climate change.

The project will also build skills within our local communities as we bring on board Wildflower Rangers to spend six months learning how to manage wildflowers, organise community seed sowings, seed harvesting and build engagement and leadership skills.

Where are the meadows?

We are creating a wildflower meadow trail from North Liverpool to South Sefton,

From expanding the meadows at Everton Park to enhancing the beauty of Anfield Cemetery, from brightening up a dull corner at the end of the street to adding a huge splash of colour to Marsh Lane Park

Big and small, these new wildflower meadows add little pieces of nature to our urban landscapes and increase biodiversity for bees and pollinators.

But most of all we all have the excitement of watching the flowers grow on our doorstep to look forward to!

Watch out for updates, we’ll be making a map so you can follow the wildflower trail this Summer, whether walking or cycling, to visit all 11 sites. 

What we want to learn

Bringing beauty and biodiversity, we believe our mosaic of wildflower meadows have the potential to increase carbon capture, to improve the air quality in our neighbourhoods.

Unleashing the power of communities, we will add more colourful, healthier places – increasing local habitats for people and pollinators where they are needed most.

To test our theory, we are undertaking research, with guidance from LJMU to measure levels of carbon in the soil, before our meadows are planted and once again when they are in full bloom, so that we can compare the results and see how much difference a local meadow can make.


Our project Head North for Beauty, Pollinators & Carbon Capture is supported by the LCR Community Environment fund.

Taking Root in Bootle (a Regenerus project) have joined up with The National Wildflower Centre at the Eden Project and 3 local Housing Associations to create a mosaic of new wildflower meadows with our local communities on 10 local sites across North Liverpool and South Sefton to add to the Scouse Flowerhouse.

We’re actively working with Riverside, the Sovini Group, Torus Housing and Liverpool City Council to improve the sustainability and quality of their land as they have helped us find the ideal locations for the meadows to make sure as many local residents as possible can enjoy them.

We’ll be sharing knowledge and skills between partners and planning together how we can do more.